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The Haunted Mansion Stretching Portraits Puzzle Set

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s this haunted room actually stretching... or is it your imagination? Make it real with this boxed set of four jigsaw puzzles reproducing the immortal stretching portraits from Disney's The Haunted Mansion. You'll just be marking time in the mortal world until you're finished!



Created especially for Walt Disney WorldResort and Disneyland Resort

  • Set of four jigsaw puzzles
  • Reproduces the stetching portraits from Disney's The Haunted Mansion, including Alexander Nitrokoff, Constance Hatchway, Sarah ''Sally'' Slater, and Hobbs/Big Hobbs/Skinny Hobbs
  • 500 pieces each
  • Part of The Haunted Mansion Collection



  • Ages 10+
  • Paper
  • Each puzzle 27'' H x 9'' W (when completed)
  • Imported